Prepared and delivered according to the customer’s wish.

Weight, fillet with skin:
120 – 150 gr
150 + gr
Weight, fillet without skin:
120 – 150 gr
150 + gr

Fish facts – Redfish

DK: Rodfisk
D: Rotbarsch
lat: Sebastes marinus

The Redfish thrives best on rocky slopes between 100-900 m depth. The redfish becomes up to 80 cm long and can weigh 12 kg. The Redfish is easily recognizable by its red colour, pink mouth and spikes on the gills. The body is covered in large spiky scales. The Redfish grows slowly and can become up to 60 years old. 

When the netted Redfish gets pulled out of the depths, the difference in pressure can cause the swimming bladder to expand resulting in a bulging of the eyes and sometimes the guts can be pressed out of the mouth.

The Redfish feeds on krill, herring and cod.

The meat is pinkish and tasty and keeps fresh a long time after being caught.